China Woven Geotextile suppliers

China Woven Geotextile suppliers

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    PET Woven Geotextile which is woven by high tenacity Polyester yarns.
    The ultimate tensile strength of polyester geotextile can be reached over 1000kN/m for uni-axial strength and up to 300kN/m x 300kN/m for bi-axial strength.
    The great strength of yarns with impressive two-way support allows resistance against extremely high tensile loads.
    It can be widely used for reinforcement, separator, containment and filtration in long term scale.
    • Reinforced Embankment
    • Reinforced Wall and Slope
    • Soft Soil Stabilization
    • Paving Reinforcement
    • Road Base Reinforcement
    • Airport Runway Base Reinforcement
    • Bridge Abutment Reinforcement
    • Railway Track Reinforcement
    • Road Widening
    • Noise Reduction BarriersChina Woven Geotextile suppliers

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